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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Hey Fearless, my band (your band name here) would like to submit a demo. We have been working very hard and we would like for you to hear what we have come up with. To whom and where do I send our package to?

    Please send all demo submissions to: Fearless Records, 5870 W Jefferson Blvd, Suite E, Los Angeles, CA 90016. No attention contact is needed since we honestly listen to every submission that comes through our doors. Please be sure to include your contact information,  3-4 of your best songs, band bio and band photo. Please do not email anyone except for with links to MP3s. Everyone else will delete them. Also, we do not accept in-person demos.

  • Hey Fearless, I really want to help spread the good word of Fearless Records in my town. How do I become a member of the street team?

    Easy - just email, ask for info on the street team, and they'll hook you up.

  • Hey Fearless, I am a young charismatic individual living in the Greater Los Angeles area with some time to spare. Do you offer internships?

    Most definitely! We are always looking for bright, responsible people to come in and volunteer their time. Please email and tell us a little bit about yourself including what you think you can do to help, as well as any prior experience you may have.

  • Hey Fearless, how do I get a hold of your publicity or advertising department?

    For any questions regarding reviews, interviews, advertising or being added to our mailing database please email If you are a new zine or are a zine that we have not dealt with before, please send us a full media kit.

  • Hey Fearless, I would like to get a hold of (product/in store play copies/posters) for my store or venue. Who can I talk to?

    If you are contacting on behalf of a Store/Distributor, please email and give us your store/distro name, address, phone number, and please let us know what your needs are. If you have a catalog, please send us a copy.

    If you are contacting on behalf of a Venue, that will host one of our bands on their upcoming tour, or tour promoter, posters should already be on their way to you.  If you would like a promo CD of our band to play in the venue and/or if you see one of our bands have booked at your venue and you haven't received any tour promo materials within 2 weeks of the show date please email Ivan at to request materials.

  • Hey Fearless, I recently placed an order through your online merch store. Is there any way I can check on the status of my order?

    All of our online orders are made through MerchNow. If you have any questions regarding your recent order, shipping, sizing or rates, please visit the MerchNow FAQ page

  • Hey Fearless, what if my question has absolutely nothing to do with any of the other FAQs listed?

    Please email Receptionist at, and use this link only if your question has nothing to do with any other FAQs on this page. We will not reply otherwise.

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