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Punk Goes

Punk Goes Pop

CD/Digital    Released 04/03/2001

Track List

1. Dynamite Boy- I Want It That Way
2. Slick Shoes- Candy
3. Yellowcard- Everywhere
4. Stretch Arm Strong- Get This Party Started
5. Rufio- Like A Prayer
6. Further Seems Forever- Bye, Bye, Bye
7. Noise Ratchet- Crush
8. Element 101- I'm Like A Bird
9. Knockout- Survivor
10. The Starting Line- I'm Real
11. Keepsake- The Way You Love Me
12. Reach The Sky- Sometimes
13. Fake ID- All Or Nothing
14. Showoff- Borderline
15. Thrice- Send Me An Angel
16. Nicotine-... Baby One More Time
17. Student Rick - Heaven Is A Place On Earth